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Adventures in Aussie Soylent

Adventures in Aussie Soylent or Soylent it’s not made of people at least I hope not What I’ve been thinking a lot about the original Soylent drink; the meal replacement product that is supposed to let you exist on 3 to 4 thick milkshake like drinks a day in lieu of food. It first came to my attention not long after its launch in 2013 when the original US product.. Read More

Well I finally pulled my head out my bum and did it.

Well I finally pulled my head out my bum and did it. Hard Rock Hallelujah ep44 is now out in the wild. So it turns out that it’s been nearly 1 year and 3 months since I recorded my last podcast, and in that time I’ve bought a house and have had life getting in the way as I detailed in a previous post. For some reason over the last.. Read More

My Current Podcast List

My Podcast List As writers say, “to be able to write well you need to read a lot.” For me the same holds true of podcasting. So far I’m putting in the time doing the listening but very little in producing, but hey that’s old news. I started listening to podcasts when I was commuting to London and started with the long running BBC radio soap The Archers. I slowly.. Read More

A New Year A New Start

A New Year A New Start   Happy New Year 2016 I think it is time to revisit International Beige and decide exactly what it means to me and also to anyone out there who was a fan of the couple of shows we produced. There are no excuses for the lack of updates, lack of shows, and lack of information about what has been going on so I think.. Read More