International Beige

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Oh woe is me, and all that jazz.

Let’s not dwell or look for sympathy, but hey, my head has not been in the right place for a while now, but let’s hope that this is the turning point.

It’s been a while since I recorded anything, or put together any shows and while that is unlikely to change in the near future I can’t get the whole audio production thing out of my head.

To that end, as I’ve had to dismantle my studio desk and equipment I’m paring down the bare essentials and have got the equipment down to the following:

Mic, pre-amp, ipad and BossJock

I’ll be recording in the master bedroom walk-in wardrobe so the overall sound should be a bit better once I get the software levels figured out. So here is a test I just recorded: ipad_test

So all that remains is, what sort of thing to record. Hopefully I can restart HRH, but I would like to move on to something different than just rock music. Either a show with a mixture of music and chat, or maybe I need to find a topic or three. But who wants to hear about subjects such as washcloths through the ages or the top 17 RAM chip serial numbers of 2015 (spoiler: I quite like number 4FA).

Until next time…. Rock on.

Hello world!

There will eventually be some words here.

Oh yes mark my words there will be words.

But for now, welcome to the new look site. What do you think you funky monkeys?