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Monday 16-Nov-2015

How does one start to write? Gawd knows. Right that’s that out of the way so lets dive straight in and see if I can actually put together real words in some way that doesn’t totally embarass the English language. What makes a writer? A person that writes great works, wonderful reviews, screenplays or any document or just someone who writes or taps away on a keyboard to see what.. Read More

Oh woe is me, and all that jazz.

Let’s not dwell or look for sympathy, but hey, my head has not been in the right place for a while now, but let’s hope that this is the turning point. It’s been a while since I recorded anything, or put together any shows and while that is unlikely to change in the near future I can’t get the whole audio production thing out of my head. To that end,.. Read More

Hello world!

There will eventually be some words here. Oh yes mark my words there will be words. But for now, welcome to the new look site. What do you think you funky monkeys?